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With our new exclusive ProLink X CNC-system with touch screen the possibilities are unlimited. ProLInk X includes updates plus many new features, including Batch function, which allows you to split the folding sequences into groups to save tool changing time. Time estimation is also a new feature where the control system calculates the time to produce one profile or a complete batch of profiles. Another feature is Import of dxf files, import your drawings directly into ProLink X via USB. New is also the possibility to plug in a USB Barcode reader. Attach barcodes to your sheets and scan, the control systems then knows how to fold the sheet. We also included Remote access via TeamViewer, eventual problems can be investigated and solved remotely, quick and easy. Automatic folding sequencing (AFS) with collision detection to help the operator confirm that a profile is possible to fold and the optimal folding sequence for the profile. Another feature is Tool setup and Tool width calculation where valid tools and rails easily can be selected for the views and collision detection. The ProLink X will show where to place the correct segmented tools on the beams. Find an icon in the library: adjust dimensions and angles and the part you programmed is what you get! Because of its ease of use, an unskilled operator can produce perfect details efficiently and safely. The control system with its simple functions is very easy to understand and learn. Interactive graphic pictures are shown to the operator with instructions like rotate or flip the part – a condition to correctly be able to produce complicated details. In the control memory you can store a large amount of programs and you can also store programs on a memory stick as well. Every program can be saved with a graphical icon, with name and information. ProLink X calculates cut size and automatically creates a program where the finished part is shown with its actual folding sequence. The touch screen in mounted on a pendant arm that can be rotated for optimal viewing. It is also possible to turn the screen to the back side of the machine when folding large details. If you are programming in the office you can use the offline-software on the computer.

EasyLink is a complete and user-friendly control system, fast and easy to program. EasyLink has the possibility to store 1000 profiles each with 99 steps. In every program step, the angle, gauge dimension, opening height, clamping pressure and hem pressure can be programmed.

Some of the possibilities available with EasyLink are copying programs, incremental dimensioning, and radius folding. From the touch screen the operator gets clear messages about the programming and operation. The Combi beam can be fully integrated into this control. The touch screen panel is mounted on a rotating bracket, so that the operator easily can adjust the screen to the situation.