The Trim Rollformer from CIDAN is one of the most robust, yet high volume rollformers on the market. The 15 stations with 2.36” (60mm) solid-keyed shafts make an accurate and constant part for many years to come. With the AMK Control, you can program up to 50 lines with different qualities and length. This control features a “material savings” mode that automatically stops the machine and repositions so you can get the most out of your material. Avoid high maintenance costs and wasted material with the CIDAN Trim Rollformer!



  • Infeed has hardened roller bearing guides that ensures the material guides perfectly into the roll stations.
  • Front Rotary Cut allows the customer to cut back on wasted material.
  • The Blank Feed allows customer to slit from master coil and not bring in custom width?.
  • The encoder features a wheel that sits on top of the panel passing through the machine. The tension spring allows constant contact of the encoder with the coil for consistent and accurate lengths.
  • The hydraulic Post Shear is guided by 4 bearing shafts for burr free cutting of the panel. The post shear enables cuts of 4” (100mm) long panels to 60’ (18.3m).
  • 14-30 stations, 85 mm solid-keyed shafts
  • The AMK Control allows you to program up to 50 lines with different quantities and length
  • Each tool station has a dial indicator for tool height making it easy to change material thickness
  • Corrugated, PBR, AG Panel
  • Infeed Guide hardened roller bearing guides that ensure the material to guide perfectly into the roll stations
  • Front Rotary Cut allows the customer to cut back on wasted material


  • CNC Cut-to-length – We offer also a CNC Cut-to-length on top of rollformer with run out supports.
  • Rollout safety – Rollout safety cages in lieu of quick change side cages.
  • Stacker – Stack the finished parts on an stacker. Available in different lenghts with a capacity of up to 3500 kg.