Duct line KS-6 with short duct line KS-KK

We developed the KS duct line to ensure adaptability, high output and precision in manufacturing of straight, rectangular ducts. The KS is especially suitable for producing sheets for your plasma as well as standard ducts. With the integrated and compact short duct line KS-KK you are now able to produce standard ducts as well as short and special duct lengths efficiently on a small floor space.

The stand-alone equipment can be made even more efficient by connecting it to a CAD-CAM system or any nesting software for plasma tables.



  • easy loading of fresh coils
  • automatic sheet change-over in shortest time
  • gentle processing of sensitive material
  • flat, burr-less and mark-free sheets
  • uniform and shapely duct reinforcement
  • time optimized production of special orders
  • efficient production of standard as well as short ducts
  • simplest programming of the duct line
  • one-man operation
  • PC connecting link wihout or with PC software SPS-RJ45SW


  • manual slitter MST or programmable slitter PSA
  • bending line and corner notching KLI
  • short ducts production line in L-shape KS-L
  • safety fences around the line SI
  • PC connecting link wihout or with PC software SPS-RJ45SW
  • internet service for remote maintenance SPS-IS


  • DECOILER AG a2m: powered, bearing on two sides, manual expansion, stationary frame
  • GUIDEWAYS BB: not driven and with deflection rollers or plastic barrs
  • COIL SELECTOR MT-6: 6tables with manually adjustable coil guidance with roller bearings, automatic coil change-over
  • TABLE MFA: powered coil guidance with roller bearings
  • STRAIGHTENER RM-6: programmable straightener with 6 shafts Ø110mm (4,33″)
  • PUNCHING STA: hydraulic hole punching for M8 screw
  • PROFILING MACHINE PM z: 9 sets of tools for reinforcing beads160 mm apart, powered upper profiling shaft
  • SHORT DUCTS KS-KK: powered conveyor and fingers as well as back stops for positioning the sheet
  • GUILLOTINE TS: electric guillotine shear with stainless steel knives
  • FOLDER BM: hydraulic bending machine for 90°
  • BASIC FRAME GR-19: for KS-6 with RM-STA-PM-KK-TSBM
  • CONTROL SPS-F2 POTI: easy operation with ergonomic touch panel, variable speed adjustment with a potentiometer, single or multiple programs, coil management, safety integrated