Multiple decoiling line 4x2000kg (4400lbs)

Sheetmetal fabricators are confronted with so many different types of sheet every day that no well-organized business should be without a multiple decoiling line.


Our objectives in developing this line were:


  • rapid sheet change-over
  • simple operation
  • retrofitting
  • lower acquisition costs
  • one-person operation
  • space-saving


  • constant quality: The blanks are precise and free of burrs.
  • lower material cost: The purchase price for large coils is lower than for small coils or sheets.
  • less waste: You slit wide coils accurately and have fewer residual strips.
  • lower personnel cost: The system is operated by one person. You reduce cutting time considerably.
  • more storage capacity: You only need one wide coil per material type.
  • shortened production time: The handling of all types of materials is substantially rationalized by the use of larger coils.
  • more space due to stackable decoilers
  • easy loading by cantilever decoilers and manual expansion of the mandrels
  • smooth infeeding of coils across sheet guideways into the compact straightening, slitting and ctl line
  • rapid access to up to four different coils by clamping the coil beginning
  • flat straightening by manual upper straightening shaft adjustment
  • manual adjustment of up to 10 pairs of slitting knives
  • precise, burr-free and economic cutting to length by a guillotine shear
  • simplest operation with logical icons instead of text by Siemens touch panel
  • precise length measurement system with up to date Siemens drive and control technology
  • continous developement of the Forstner software for PLC and touch panel


  • powered edge guide MFA
  • plastic sheet dispenser FAG
  • electrically adjustable upper straightening shaft MOP
  • hard chromium plated straightening shafts HVC
  • powered knive overlapping MOV
  • programmable knife overlapping MOP
  • stripper rings AP
  • manual folding table for an easier setting of the slitting knives KT-m
  • manual cut to length slitter AL m
  • 1-speed electric cut to length slitter AL e
  • 2-speed electric cut to length slitter AS e
  • special knives for stainless steel MPCR
  • conveyor belt behind the guillotine shear TS-AZ
  • conveyer belt BA, roller conveyor BA, stacker ST, manipulator MAN, etc.



  • DECOILER AG b1m: with brake, bearing on one side, manual expansion, bottom and upper device
  • GUIDEWAYS BB: not driven and with deflection rollers
  • COIL HOLDER BK: 4 manually adjustable eccentric shafts to hold the sheet at the end of the sheet guideway, manual coil change-over
  • DEFLECTION ROLLERS RT: to support the infeed of a new coil
  • TABLE TI: manually adjustable coil guidance with roller bearings
  • COMPACT LINE KA-6: manually adjustable straightener with 6 shafts Ø70mm (2,76″), slitting shafts Ø100mm (4″), 5  pairs of manually adjustable steel knives, manual knife overlapping and manual knife gap adjustment
  • GUILLOTINE TS: electric guillotine shear with steel knives
  • CONTROL SPS-M2 POTI: easy operation with ergonomic touch panel, variable speed adjustment with a potentiometer, single or multiple programs