Multiple decoiling line 6x2000kg (4400lbs)

The efficient production of blanks requires keeping a wide range of entirely different coils on hand. To allow rapid access to different sheets, we developed a multiple decoiling system featuring automatic sheet change-over in less than 1 minute.


Our objectives in developing this line were:


  • fully automatic sheet change-over in the shortest possible time
  • manual upper straightening shafts adjustment
  • manual adjustment of slitting knives
  • the simplest possible operating
  • retrofitting
  • lower acquisition costs
  • one-worker operation
  • space savings


The Forstner fully-automatic decoiling, slitting and cut to length line offers features that an industrial production manager has only dreamed about. This line fulfills the demanding requirements of any sheet metal working industry.




  • constant quality: The blanks are precise and free of burrs.
  • lower material cost: The purchase price for large coils is lower than for small coils or sheets.
  • less waste: You slit wide coils accurately and have fewer residual strips.
  • lower personnel cost: The system is operated by one person. You reduce cutting time considerably.
  • more storage capacity: You only need one wide coil per material type.
  • shortened production time: The handling of all types of materials is substantially rationalized by the use of larger coils.
  • more space due to stackable decoilers
  • easy loading by cantilever decoilers and manual expansion of the mandrels
  • smooth decoiling and recoiling by powered decoilers
  • smooth infeeding of coils across sheet guideways into the coil selector
  • automatic access to up to six different coils by the coil selector
  • flat straightening by manual upper straightening shaft adjustment
  • manual adjustment of up to 10 pairs of slitting knives
  • precise, burr-free and economic cutting to length by a guillotine shear
  • automatic sheet change-over in less than 1 minute
  • simplest operation with logical icons instead of text by Siemens touch panel
  • precise length measurement system with up to date Siemens drive and control technology
  • continous developement of the Forstner software for PLC and touch panel


  • plastic sheet dispenser FAG
  • electrically adjustable upper straightening shafts MOP
  • hard chromium plated straightening shafts HVC
  • manual knife overlapping HOV
  • programmable knife overlapping MOP
  • stripper rings AP
  • special knives for stainless steel MPCR
  • conveyor belt behind the guillotine shear TS-AZ
  • conveyer BA, stacker ST, manipulator MAN, etc.
  • safety fences around the line SI
  • remote control for decoiler, coil car and roller table SPS-FF
  • PC connecting link wihout or with PC software SPS-RJ45SW
  • internet service for remote maintenance SPS-IS


  • DECOILER AG a1m: powered, bearing on one side, manual expansion, bottom and upper device
  • GUIDEWAYS BB: not driven and with deflection rollers
  • COIL SELECTOR MT-6: 6 tables with manually adjustable coil guidance with roller bearings, automatic coil change-over
  • TABLE MFA: powered coil guidance with roller bearings
  • COMPACT LINE KA-6: manually adjustable straightener with 6 shafts Ø70mm (2,76″), slitting shafts Ø100mm (4″), 5  pairs of manually adjustable steel knives, powered knife overlapping and manual knife gap adjustment
  • FOLDING TABLE KT-m: for an easier setting of the slitting knives
  • GUILLOTINE TS: electric guillotine shear with steel knives
  • BASIC FRAME GR-18: for MA-6 and KA-KT-TS
  • CONTROL SPS-F2 POTI: easy operation with ergonomic touch panel, variable speed adjustment with a potentiometer, single or multiple programs, coil management, safety integrated