Slitting and recoiling line large coils

A compact and inexpensive slitting and recoiling line especially for metal suppliers is an economic complement to high speed slitting lines and still a very interesting service. The Forstner recoiling line excellently proves for flexible jobs of small and medium volumes.


Gentle recoiling in highest quality.

Customers are expecting tight coils with clean edges. The recoiling line is well known for its sophisticated design, heavy and stable welded machine frame, torsion free mandrel and a sufficient electric motor capacity. A dancer arm controls the speed of the mandrel. Separator discs keep the stripes apart. The pneumatic felt brake is manually adjustable according to the material and ensures tight coils with clean edges. A manually or hydraulically expandable mandrel has a support arm for the cantilever design. Ask for options like scissor coil car, tilting table, weighbridge or packaging line.



  • constant quality: The blanks are precise and free of burrs.
  • lower material cost: The purchase price for large coils is lower than for small coils or sheets.
  • less waste: You slit wide coils accurately and have fewer residual strips.
  • lower personnel cost: The system is operated by one person. You reduce cutting time considerably.
  • more storage capacity: You only need one wide coil per material type.
  • shortened production time: The handling of all types of materials is substantially rationalized by the use of larger coils.
  • simple threading of stripes and coils
  • gentle processing of sensitive material
  • outstanding recoiling quality
  • easy unloading of wide coils or stripes
  • one-man operation
  • space-saving because a loop is not necessary
  • low cost


  • infeed support by roller guidelane RB
  • loop pit for more than 600m (2000′) slitting length
  • additional separator discs
  • backstop in front of the felt brake for safe operation
  • manual cross cutting slitter AL ms or electric cross cutting slitter AL es
  • shoes for inside diameter 508mm (20″) and 610mm (24″) AUG-AS
  • hydraulic expansion h
  • hydraulic pressing roll DR-AG h
  • electric ejector plate
  • speed max. 35m/min. (105ft/min.) or max. 45m/min. (150ft/min.)
  • undercarriage with rails FWS
  • scissored coil car SHT or scissored coil car with tilting table SHKT
  • weighbridge and packaging line
  • safety fences around the line SI
  • remote control for decoiler, coil car and roller table SPS-FF
  • PC connecting link wihout or with PC software SPS-RJ45SW
  • internet service for remote maintenance SPS-IS


  • DANCER ARM: with potentiometer
  • SEPARATOR ARM: 7 separator discs for max. 5 strips
  • FELT BRAKE: pneumatic adjustment
  • SEPARATOR ARM: 7 separator discs for max. 5 strips
  • RECOILING MANDREL: powered, one sided with clamping bar, bottom device, manual expansion
  • CONTROL SPS-L2: easy operation, variable speed, usable together with any slitting line