Tube line RS

Metal tubes in first quality!


Reduce the variety of operations by an automated tube fabrication line. Save material and time by working economically from coil. With a multiple decoiling line you can react quickly to special orders. Set-up time is minimized by automatic sheet change-over.


With the Forstner tube line you are perfectly equipped for producing chimneys, stovepipes, tubes for oil filters or fire dampers.



  • constant quality: The blanks are precise and free of burrs.
  • lower material cost: The purchase price for large coils is lower than for small coils or sheets.
  • less waste: You cut to length coils accurately and have fewer waste.
  • lower personnel cost: The system is operated by one person. You reduce cutting time considerably.
  • more storage capacity: You only need coils instead of sheets and reduce your waste.
  • shortened production time: The handling of all types of materials is substantially rationalized by the use of larger coils.
  • more space by compact design
  • easy loading by cantilever decoiler and hydraulic expansion of the mandrel
  • smooth de- and recoiling with powered decoiler
  • smooth infeeding of coils into the straightener
  • flat straightening by manual upper straightening shaft adjustment
  • precise, burr-free and economic cutting to length by a guillotine shear
  • flexible and automated production of different tube diameters without retooling
  • simple operation by Siemens touch panel with logical icons instead of text
  • precise length measurement system with up to date Siemens drive and control technology
  • continous developement of the Forstner software for PLC and touch panel


  • powered decoilers AG a1 or AG a2
  • paper recoiler P-AUG
  • guideways BB or deflection roller stand UB
  • multiple coil selector MT or MTV
  • powered edge guide MFA
  • electrically adjustable upper straightening shaft MOP
  • hard chromium plated straightening shafts HVC
  • slitting with manually adjustable knifes MST or programmable knifes PSA
  • electric guillotine shear with knife gap adjustment TSA
  • safety fences around the line SI
  • remote control for decoiler, coil car and roller table SPS-FF
  • PC connecting link wihout or with PC software SPS-RJ45SW
  • internet service for remote maintenance SPS-IS


  • DECOILER AG b2m: non powered, bearing on two sides, manual expansion, movable frame
  • DEFLECTION ROLLERS RT: to support the infeed of a new coil
  • TABLE TI: manually adjustable coil guidance with roller bearings
  • STRAIGHTENER RM-6: manually adjustable straightener with 6 shafts Ø70mm (2,76″)
  • GUILLOTINE TS: electric guillotine shear with inox knives
  • CONVEYOR BA: powered conveyor and fingers for positioning the sheet
  • ROUND BENDING RU-4: with 4 powered shafts, pneumatic support bearing and pneumatic ejector plate
  • EXIT TABLE AT: buffer for finished tubes
  • CON TROL SPS-F2 POTI: easy operation with ergonomic touch panel, variable speed adjustment with a potentiometer, single or multiple programs, coil management, safety integrated